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Run, Walk, Cycle Benefits

Take in some of the gorgeous countryside views as you cycle, walk, or run to us. We’ve laid out the cycle routes to make your morning exercise as enjoyable as possible.

Active travel to work is good for:

  • Improving mental and physical wellbeing
  • Saving money
  • Improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions
  • Reducing traffic congestion

Quiet Routes

There are some great routes for running, walking and cycling to Skylon Park including the superb, traffic free Greenway which provides a convenient link to many of the local residential areas.. Hereford City Centre and rail station are within a leisurely 30 minute walk and a 12 minute cycle ride.

The Great Western Way provides a spine of quiet routes from which new routes are planned in the coming months.

The Greenway is shown on the “Routes to Rotherwas Map” along with all other quiet and traffic free routes linking to the site. Use this map in conjunction with one of the journey planners to find a relaxing route to walk, run or cycle to work. 

New Routes

There are comprehensive route upgrades planned that will further improve accessibility to Skylon Park.

The HEZ quiet routes are a series of improvements to create a widely connected network through neighbouring residential areas and the Holme Lacy Road scheme will provide pedestrian and cycle improvements along the length of the road. 

Routes for Running, Walking and Cycling

If you travel from the direction of the city centre, The Greenway is a traffic free path, which runs across the River Wye from St James and Bartonsham to Skylon Park and offers a quicker and more environmentally friendly alternative to the congestion of the A49.

The route is just under three miles long and is well surfaced making it suitable for cycling, walking and running.

Park & Cycle

If you would love to be able to cycle to work but live too far away, try a Park and Cycle. These car parks offer a convenient location for you to drive some of the journey, park for FREE and continue by bike or on foot.

Park and Cycle locations can be found here

Walking/Cycling Times 

35 mins / 14 mins

37 mins / 16 mins

45 mins / 13 mins

11 mins / 6 mins

25 mins / 12 mins

20 mins / 10 mins

49 mins / 19 mins

70 mins / 24 mins

Destinations and journey times

Herefordshire Train Station – 2.1mi

Belmont – 2.3mi

Lower Bullingham – 0.6mi

Tuplsley – 1.4mi

Eign Hill – 1.3mi

Widemarsh – 3.7mi

Burcott – 4.4mi

Bobblestock – 4.7mi

Free Adult Cycle Training

Book your course here

Cycle Hire

Beryl Bikes

Beryl bikes are hire bikes which you can hire via their app on your phone. Available to anyone from 5p per minute and there are 5 docking stations located on Skylon Park.

Vist Website

Cycle Shop Discounts

Hereford Electric Bikes

Easy cycling with an E-bike from John Miller at Hereford Electric Bikes is offering 7.5% discount to all employees across Skylon Park. 

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01432 850458

Cycle Shop Discounts

Climb on Bikes

The great folks at climbonbikes are offering 10% off on all non sale items.

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Other Commuting Options

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