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Commuting Options to Skylon Park

With a variety of handy journey planners, exclusive discounts and great routes and services available, it’s never been easier to travel to Skylon Park by sustainable travel. At Skylon Park all modes of travel are made accessible are encouraged and incentivised.

Cars are often really convenient and seem like the “normal” way to travel, but too many of us using our cars for every journey has a price. Congestion, higher levels of stress, depression, lack of exercise, increases in carbon emissions and air pollution are all costs of our convenience.

We have developed the Skylon Park Travel Plan and through it we are working hard to provide more travel choice for everyone.

Skylon Park Travel Plan:

Reduce traffic across the site and across Hereford

Increase your travel choices

Improve health and wellbeing;

Reduce your travel times

Reduce travel costs of employees

Provide everyone with the opportunity to do their bit for the environment

Plan your commute to Skylon Park

Journey planners take the hassle out of planning your commute to work.

They show you everything from public transport times, distance to your nearest bus stop to quietest cycle route, calories burned, any hills and even CO2 saved right from your front door to work.


Remove the burden of daily travel by harnessing the local public transport links. Simply, buy yourself a ticket and hop on, embracing the safe and reliable bus routes.


Embark on one of the safest and most cost-effective methods of transport via the local railway service. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Run, Walk, Cycle.

Take in some of the gorgeous countryside views as you cycle, walk, or run to us. We’ve laid out the cycle routes to make your morning exercise as enjoyable as possible.

Car Sharing.

If you need to travel by car, reduce your costs by car sharing.

Contact Us

The Skylon Park Travel Plan Coordinator is Naomi Halling. You can contact Naomi with any
travel queries or if you require 1-1 travel planning advice.

Email :

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