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Businesses urged to get on an e-bike

Hereford businesses are being urged to ditch the car and avoid the traffic jams by taking up the offer of a free electric bike. 

Firms based in or operating in Hereford can now apply for a Babboe Curve E-cargo bike in a scheme run by Herefordshire Council.   

Sustainable travel services specialist Chris Taylor, who works with the Zone on travel to work, said using an e-bike instead of a car or van for short journeys could have huge benefits for businesses. 

He said: “There are lots of short journeys made every day that could be done just as easily by e-bike. That could be delivering shopping, parts or parcels, or moving items or people between business sites – the possibilities are almost endless.  

“By cycling instead, businesses can save on time as staff avoid traffic jams, save on fuel and vehicle insurance, and help employees get active during the working day, with all the health and well-being benefits that brings. 

“The scheme is first come first served and previous experience tells us it will be popular, so we would recommend applying early to get your bike.” 

The scheme differs from previous e-bike schemes by providing a Babboe Curve e-cargo bike instead of funding towards a bike. It is open to firms based in the city of Hereford and those who operate within the scheme area, and the closing date for applications is April 14. 

Full eligibility criteria and the application form are available at 

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