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Hereford workers encouraged to get active during the daily commute

Two active events are taking place at Skylon Park, Herefordshire Enterprise Zone, where employees can get a free bike check, see the latest e-bikes, sign up as a workplace cycling champion and receive free commuting advice.

Herefordshire Council and Skylon Park want to encourage more people to leave the car at home and walk, run, wheel, scoot or cycle to work. 

Hereford Enterprise Zone travel plan co-ordinator Chris Taylor said events on March 24 will see the team from Hereford Cycling Hub on hand with advice and a free safety check. 

“Many people find themselves in a rut during those winter months, the short days and cold mornings are big factors when it comes to deflating those healthy new year’s resolutions. 

“Cycling is the most popular mode of active commute but there are plenty of other alternatives for those looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Walking, running, wheeling and scooting to work are all great ways incorporate physical exercise into your working day.

“Fewer cars on the road also means less pollution and fewer traffic snarl-ups for those drivers who need to be on the roads.

Even if you live too far away to do the whole journey under your own steam, parking up part of the way and running, walking or cycling the rest can still be beneficial. 

Herefordshire Council also provides free park and cycle car parks across the county, where you can leave your car before continuing your journey along largely traffic free routes. You can register online for a free pass.

As with all new exercise regimes, the key to active travel is to start small and build up – doing too much too soon can be off putting and make you give up. As you get fitter, you can increase the distance you travel without the car.

The active events will run on March 24 first at the Shell Store from 9.30-11am and then on the corner of Netherwood Road and Twyford Road from noon until 2pm.

For more information about park and cycle or any other sustainable travel advice, contact Hereford Enterprise Zone travel plan co-ordinator Chris Taylor on

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